tisdag 28 juni 2011

New Keyboard

Got a new keyboard today.
Only 9.99 euro.
It's a X7 gamingkeybaord from a4tech.
Really nice for gaming but really hard to type on.
But if you need a nice gaming keyboard that's cheap, look it up.

My new Keyboard

lördag 25 juni 2011

TF2 Free to play

Team Fortress 2 is now free to play on steam forever!
Go get it now.
Awesome that's why I love being a PC gamer :D

onsdag 22 juni 2011

Fest hos mange!!!!

Haha found this really good song on youtube!
It's in swedish and its so bad that its good.
It's gonna be the summer hit of 2011!

tisdag 14 juni 2011


So I was bored and wanted to have something to play. Looked around on steam and found terriaria fpr 9.99 €

Thought it would be a minecraft clone but that wasn't the case. It's much more heavy on exploring and getting cool items then it is on building.
Really fun to play with friends! So if your bored and want something cheap and time consuming check terraria out :D
My house in terraria

fredag 10 juni 2011

Gradutaion day was awesome!

Yesterday was a really nice day! So glad that im done with school :D.
I will only make a short post 'cause im really tired.
But a nice thing was that my uncle picked up from school in his jaguar xk8 convertable :D
Felt like a real baws!
Jaguar xk8

onsdag 8 juni 2011

Last day of school!

Tomorrow I graduate from school! It will be a nice day of 24/7 party starting 9 o'clock in the morning with champagne breakfast. 
Then I'll go eat lunch with my class and after that back to school so we can get kicked out  from it.
Then we'll ride on a big truck on the back and be loud and obnoxoius 'cause that's what you do when you graduate in sweden. After all that it's party in to the morning hours :D.

Im very excited about this 'cause it's now that my real life starts and I have to find a job and move out from my parents house. 

tisdag 7 juni 2011


Sony you impressed my alot with your new handheld! Graphics looks amazing, almost if not even as good as ps3 graphics.
Plus the fact alone that they have added 2 analog sticks.  I will check it out when it gets realesed.
My only consern is the battery lifetime. With such a powerful yet small device I wonder how they are going to fit a battery that can hold for 8+ hours.
That's atleast how much gametime i would like to get out of 1 charge (wishful thinking).

The 3D monitor bundle.
I think Sony did a really nice press conference realeasing alot of new content. I liked the 3d monitor they showed and the low price on it too. Nice that they throw in resistance 3 with it too.
But I felt like that much of the bundles that they showed was a "I'm sorry gift" to psn consumers for getting their accounts hacked.

Sony had much more new content to show than Microsoft did. I Feel kinect is getting kinda boring and that they are focusing to heavy on it. I got nothing against kinect its just that i think they should even out their content more with controller based games. When you ask them "do you have anything else besides kinect for the xbox?"
They answer "Gears of war 3" and in my opinion is more a rent complete campaign game.
But sure they got Halo 4 can't argue with that.

So I think Sony wins over Microsoft in new content but Microsoft wins over Sony in evoloving their console in to an all around entertainment device.