måndag 6 juni 2011

E3 So Far (my quick opinions)

Microsoft didn't impresse me that much. To much talk about kinect which no one really cares about.
But im not a xbox or ps3 fanboy (pc all the way) so my opinion of the xbox content they reaveled will be kinda subjective.
Halo 4 kinda cool I guess, but not really my type of game and all the mumbo jumbo about incorporating kinect with mass effect 3 and fable 3 journey being all kinect based (not a big fan of that :P)
But as I said I like pc over xbox.
But i really like what they are doing with the xbox as a piece of technology where you can get all your entertainment. You got your music, movies and games.
And all I'm gonna say about mw3 is, Same Same Same. Just a game to milk 12 year old boys of thier money.
Bioschock infinite looks neat too, guess I'll check it out when it gets realesed.

But I must say that skyrim looks fantastic and is defenitly a game I will buy.

Come on that look amazing!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Going to buy Skyrim! The elders scroll is awesome!

  2. All hail the game epic which is Elder Scrolls! HOO HAH!

  3. I am a graphic designer, but I do spend a majority of my time playing video games Haha :) E3 as been so far so good and will definitely purchase some of the new games!